Classic Home Fries

We’ve always loved breakfast potatoes (who doesn’t?), and though we love to slice potatoes shoestring thin on the mandolin for a classic hash brown, chunky home fries also have their time and place (especially for a home cook). You can use any potato you like, but we find Reds and Yukons work the best, especially if you blanche them first (Yukon/gold potatoes are already pretty soft, and they crisp up well without burning). You might be thinking, who has the time to cook potatoes on an average morning? We love to boil our potatoes at night when we’re cooking dinner (cook them almost as though you were going to mash them) to just toss them in a pan in the morning for a quick sear. A hearty breakfast burrito in minutes! Or, you can cut the potato in a very small dice and it will cook really quickly. Have fun!

Ingredients: Serves 8-10

  1. 12 Red Potatoes or 7 medium to large Yukon Gold Potatoes
  2. 3-4 Garlic Cloves (or more if you want!)
  3. 1 White Onion
  4. 1 Bell Pepper
  5. Fresh Rosemary, Parsley (optional)
  6. 1/4-1/3 cup Olive Oil (or Refined Coconut Oil)
  7. 1/2 tsp Smoked Paprika (or any spices of your choice- the world is your oyster!)
  8. 1/2 tsp Cracked Black Pepper
  9. (Optional) 1 Eggplant


  1. Boil water in medium to large pot
  2. Large dice potatoes to a uniform size of your preference- the bigger they are, the longer they’ll take to cook and can easily burn if you don’t blanche them long enough.
  3. Drop potatoes into boiling water (you can also bring potatoes to a boil)- cook until partially softened, about 7-12 minutes. They should be easy to cut in half with a spoon. If you want to save them overnight and cook them quickly the next day, cook the potatoes until they are fully done and break apart easily.
  4. While potatoes blanche, small-medium dice your garlic, onion, bell pepper, and herbs. (If you’ve decided to include eggplant, cut off the skin and small dice. Start cooking in oil on medium heat while potatoes blanche.)
  5. Strain potatoes when finished, begin heating up your oil in a pan on medium heat (cast irons work best, but any pan will do- be prepared to soak it if its not a non-stick pan). Often times, even when your potatoes are blanched, it’ll take a minute for them to crisp up and cook evenly through, so be sure throughout the frying process to keep your heat at medium or lower- or else you’ll have a sticky mess.
  6. If you’ve blanched your potatoes enough, they should be soft enough to add your onion, garlic, and bell pepper right away. If you’ve pulled them too soon and they need to cook for a bit, wait a few minutes to add the rest of the ingredients, to keep them from burning. Stir and add oil as necessary. It’s good to flatten your potatoes out across you pan/griddle surface as well as you can to give them a good crust.
  7. Add all desired spices and herbs (again, you can always play around with spices, don’t limit yourself to this recipe- we change it almost every time we cook!)
  8. You can always drop in some scrambled eggs, corned-beef hash, sausage, or your favorite vegan protein for a complete breakfast scramble! When potatoes are cooked through and you have a good crust on them, remove from heat. Add salt and parsley and serve.

Keep in mind that this (and all our recipes) are just guidelines for techniques and processes. We change and add ingredients every time we get in the kitchen, either by choice or necessity. We eyeball every recipe, trusting our senses, and don’t limit ourselves to conventional flavors.  Always experiment, that’s the best part about cooking.

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