Pistachio Cashew-Milk Gelato with Chantilly Cream

This dessert was so fun to make! Taylor and I are really into cashews lately.. They’re just so versatile and delicious. I would argue that cashew-milk makes the best non-dairy ice cream. And we LOVE how this ice cream won’t leave you feeling weighed down or guilty.. I mean, it’s just some cashews 🙂

This dish is vegan besides the Chantilly Cream which was made with heavy whipping cream. Still working on a non-dairy creamer that whips up! ..Any other vegan chefs reading?? any ideas?


  1. First you need to make your cashew milk. Soak cashews in water overnight (or for at least 6-8 hours). Strain cashews and put in a blender with new, cold water. Blend. I usually eyeball this. Keep blending until the liquid is smooth and without any cashew grit, add water if its still gritty but otherwise try to keep it pretty thick.
  2. Turn cashew milk into ice cream. Add 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla to your mixture. Add some cane sugar to taste (I usually keep the sugar pretty low ~ 1/2 cup for a 1/2 gallon of final product). Add your pistachios and anything else you want to flavor the ice cream with, and blend away!
  3. Put your ice cream mixture in the freezer for a few hours- until it is thick and almost frozen but still in a mostly liquid state. (does this make sense? I’ll add some pictures or a video soon.)
  4. Remove from freezer and put into an ice cream maker. Once the ice cream maker is finished doing its magic (mine takes ~30 minutes), you’re ready to serve!

Top it off with some crushed pistachios for a dash of color and texture. Accented in picture with my favorite Pizzelle cookies from Whole Foods

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