Potatoes, Eggs and Bacon Breakfast *All Vegan!*

We LOVE breakfast and don’t believe that vegans should be deprived of things like smoky breakfast tacos and scrambled eggs* — that is why we created this dish to share with you!

It is so easy to put together and there is plenty of room to add your own personal touch and really gear the flavor palette towards your own personal preferences.

Start it off with some small diced potatoes (if theyre too chunky you may want to blanche** them first). I cut mine pretty small and that way they cook faster. Drop them in your pan with some olive oil- if you have a cast iron pan that’s even better! I usually let it sit at this point for just a little.. go ahead and heat up another pan and crisp up that fakin’ bakin’!

  • once the potatoes are 50-60% done you can add any veggies that you want to cook in the oil- i.e. onion, garlic, bell peppers, jalapenos – get creative!
  • once the potatoes are about 85-90% of the way cooked (you will be able to tell by the texture, taste one and see) you will want to add in your cubed tofu. Mix together and try to break up any 90 degree angles. Add some nutitional yeast for color and flavor. Option to add tumeric also- I have found it creates a wildly egg-looking color on the tofu.
  • Finally, chop up your bacon and add into the mix. voila, vegan breakfast- DEMYSTIFIED!

Enjoy, friends!


* eggs= tofu

** blanching is a process in which you take your already cut vegetable and submerge in boiling water for 20-30 seconds. It will par cook your product so you could just finish it in a saute pan, for example.

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