Spinach and Kale Pesto


As you may have guessed- we are pasta people. Its the most versatile medium for sauces and ingredients, and it’s great hot and cold. We’ve been experimenting with all kinds of different things like butternut squash, eggplants, vegan alfredos (non-dairy milks like soy, hemp, and cashew work just as well as cream), and this modified pesto. Basil pesto is delicious, but having enough basil for a purely basil pesto is just too expensive, so we always cut ours with spinach. This time, we made our pesto mostly out of kale and spinach, with enough basil for flavor. With roasted garlic and EVOO, some nutritional yeast and roasted cashews in place of pine nuts (also very expensive), we got an affordable and unique pesto unlike anything we have tasted in a restaurant. We cooked it with some regular non-sweet almond milk (we really love cashew milk as a good replacement for heavy cream) and it was a perfect pesto cream sauce. So as always, experiment with what you have at home and you can make great new things!

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