Tempeh Talk!

First things first, you may be wondering – what is tempeh?

Tempeh is really just soy beans, but pressed together. The resulting product is a protein packed patty resembling cooked chicken, and is a great replacement for just that. Grilled and cubed, it’s great on salads; cut into strips and breaded and fried, it makes for a great imitation boneless hot wing; and it goes great with an alfredo sauce. Tempeh has about 16g of protein in a 3 oz cube, so it can be a great source of protein. As always with soy, make sure to get organic, non-gmo tempeh (it’s rare to see any tempeh that isn’t non-gmo/organic).

Here’s some easy recipes to incorporate tempeh into your diet:

  • Grilled Tempeh Salad Wrap (4 medium wraps)
    1 head of romaine lettuce
    1 roma tomato, diced
    1/4 c diced red onion
    1/4 c sunflower seeds
    1 Lightlife Organic Tempeh
    Vegan Ranch or Oil/Vinegar Dressing
    4 medium whole wheat wraps

    • Grill the tempeh on a grill-top skillet (you can marinate or dry rub tempeh the same way you would chicken) and large dice into cubes. Sometimes we’ll toss it in a honey dijon or a buffalo sauce before adding it to the wrap – you can flavor it however you used to season poultry. Enjoy!
  • Buffalo Tempeh Wings
    1 Lightlife Organic Tempeh
    Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
    Earth Balance Organic Spread
    Vegan Ranch and/or Blue Cheese
    Optional Replacement for Egg Batter: water and cornstarch

    • Cut the Tempeh into strips (as shown in the picture above) and batter and bread as you would anything else. For a batter, you can use a cornstarch and water mixture to help the flour stick. We’ve used coconut milk as a type of ‘buttermilk’ batter as well and it works great (read more here see how to make a vegan buttermilk)! Fry the tempeh strips in oil, and then toss in a buffalo sauce made from the Frank’s and Earth Balance. Simple as that!

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