Vegan Tempeh Wings

You don’t have to give up wings! Try these on your next Meatless Monday, they are so easy. People like to imagine vegans eating salads all the time- but don’t be mistaken, you can have all the pizza and nachos you like if you find the right alternatives.

For these “wings”, just cut tempeh into strips (check out our other post on all things tempeh), and batter them. We use cornstarch (or flour) and warm water as a replacer for eggwash.

Dip the strips into your wash, and then into any flour of your choice, and then into frying oil (tip: to test if your oil is hot enough to fry, dip an end of a wing in- if it reacts immediately, you’re ready to fry).

Once the breading is golden brown, toss in buffalo sauce, or anything else, and you’ve got wings! Making vegan ranch is just as easy as regular ranch, just use vegan mayo and the ranch packets from the store and you’ve got a platter of homemade vegan party food. Have fun!

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